Good to Great Teachers

Going beyond standard teacher education certification

Creating fearless & joyous classrooms

Empowering teachers to become reflective practitioners

Introducing experiential learning strategies for higher engagement

Embedding Action Research & Microteaching into practice

"The Secret of Passion is Purpose"

Are your teachers feeling burnt out? Do your teachers seem to be losing the enthusiasm that they joined this profession with? Are you feeling drained as you infuse your energies into the system to drive and sustain it? Do you find that even though your teachers might be masters of their content, they are not able to engage students effectively? Is the day to day consuming your teachers and making them lose sight of the big picture as well as the personal connections? Do your teachers dread repetitive workshops with little depth? Do you wish your teachers take more ownership, look forward to upskilling themselves and collaborate willingly to create a vibrant learning community within your school? Would you rather invest in a comprehensive professional development program that addresses the root of these concerns instead of one-off workshops that make little impact?  

Allow us to step in!

I Am A Teacher has more than 8 years of experience in designing and implementing both pre-service and in-service teacher development programs and has worked with a wide range of schools across the country to support their transformational journey. These lived experiences have provided us rich insights into what propels teachers to become self-motivated, life-long learners whose personal goals are aligned with the organizational vision.           

T.Ed. Plus: Good to Great Teachers

T. Ed. Plus, a professional development program for in-service teachers, is designed to enable teachers to go beyond their certification and to become the best professionals they can be. It is entrenched in the belief that only a reflective teacher has the capability to create a nurturing learning environment for her students. And only in an environment free from fear can a healthy life-long relationship with learning be built. T. Ed Plus aims to help teachers reconnect with themselves, their purpose and also equip them with the tools and strategies to transform their classrooms into joyful learning spaces. This will enable teachers to create classrooms where students’ voice is valued and students are fully immersed in real and relevant learning, allowing them to achieve their highest potential.

About us

Building The Nation One Teacher One Classroom At A Time

Founded in 2014, I Am A Teacher (IAAT) is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to transform education by preparing a critical mass of teachers who lead change in and through classrooms. IAAT is committed to developing a model of excellence for teacher education in India.

T.Ed. Plus

Programme Objective

T. Ed. Plus is ambitious in its endeavor and has been designed as a movement to revolutionize teachers’ professional development in the country.

Transforming classrooms into more joyful places conducive for student learning with greater student voice and engagement.

Building stronger relationships amongst students, teachers, and the larger community.

Developing teachers’ capacity to question their own beliefs and assumptions about learning and teaching and being reflective practitioners.

Preparing a critical mass of teachers who are collaborative and empathetic and who can be leaders and change makers.

Creating a working model for practice-based teacher professional development that serves as an example for transforming teacher training and thus transforming schools in the country.

T.Ed. Plus


T.Ed. Plus

Program Modules

Understanding the Self

Designed to be a personal transformative experience for participants that begins with looking inwards, articulating their deepest aspirations and connecting to the purpose of their lives and work, enabling them to become future teacher leaders.

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  • Initiating a journey of knowing oneself; taking responsibility for one's personal choices and learning.
  • Questioning existing personal beliefs and mental models
  • Understanding and exploring one's potential, aspirations and next steps in life

Classroom Environment

In this module, participants embark on a learning journey designed to open up new vistas and offer new insights to create a culture of learning within the classroom, where each child is valued, loved and respected.

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  • Analyzing and reflecting on various characteristics of the classroom, i.e., physical, social, intellectual and inner climate and understanding how they constitute classroom environment.
  • Understanding how the physical environment of the classroom impacts student learning
  • Re-designing your classroom to create a climate where students feel safe, involved and motivated to learn
  • Exploring and understanding the importance of various conversation tools in creating the desired environment in the classroom.
  • Learning to use classroom norms and protocols to promote relationships and student collaboration within classrooms

Experiential Learning Strategies

Experiential learning is a pedagogical approach that drives a set of processes and practices in the school ecosystem that aims to make learning more relevant and real for the students and this module will equip teachers in using this pedagogical approach effectively.

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  • Building familiarity with the principles of the Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Experiencing the stages of the Learning Cycle
  • Learning how to strengthen classroom experiences by improving the quality of questioning, dialogues and thinking among learners.
  • Using ChatGPT to facilitate experiential and inquiry-based learning.

Circle of Practice

Like all programs offered by IAAT, T. Ed. + is also based on the belief that knowledge is internalized by practice and reflection on the practice. Thus, every module will be followed by a circle of practice.

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  • Building an ability to observe and record children's learning and behaviour without judgments and inferences
  • Using microteaching to rehearse teaching strategies amongst peer group
  • Learning the art of receiving and giving constructive feedback
  • Practicing reflection to enable thoughtful planning and implementation
  • Discovering one’s unique style of facilitation through observation, reflection and feedback
T. Ed. Plus

A Transformative Road Map

T. Ed. Plus has been designed to empower teachers to create an environment where the learner and learning thrive in. An integrated and multi-pronged approach is taken to effect this transformation.





T. Ed. Plus

Learning Model


Online, interactive training modules (on Zoom)

32 hours of synchronous sessions over 10 weeks



10 hours of asynchronous work including reading, assignments and reflections

Access to resource repository with exhaustive reading material, relevant videos and weblinks​



Resources and assignments available anytime, anywhere through Google classroom

T. Ed. Plus

Benefits for Schools

1. Upskilling of teachers to keep pace with new research and pedagogy​

2. Higher motivation and engagement amongst students leading towards better learning outcomes​

3. Visible change in classroom dynamics leading to a positive rub-off on the parent community ​

4. Reflective practitioners capable of creating a professional learning community in their schools by taking more ownership​

5. Better alignment with NEP that focuses on encouraging student voice and dialogue​

T. Ed. Plus

Who is it for?

The program is uniquely suited for practicing teachers, coaches, or supervisors of any grade or discipline with responsibility for classroom management, instructional design, supporting curriculum and achieving defined student learning outcomes. Teachers working with schools across boards (CBSE, State or International) and other educational institutions including learning centers offering after-school or learning support programs will find this program of immense value.
T.Ed. Plus


T.Ed. Plus

Academic Partnerships

IAAT has partnered with some of the leading thought leaders and researchers from around the Globe. A truly symbiotic relationship, both parties learn from each other and there is a sharing of best practices, frameworks and knowledge.


Heritage Xperiential Schools

Heritage Xperiential Schools are a leading group of progressive schools in India with over 5000 students and 500 teachers offering child-centric education based on experiential learning in the CBSE and International Boards.

Boston Teacher Residency

Boston Teacher Residency is a US based clinical teacher education programme that prepares a diverse group of teachers equipped to effectively lead urban classrooms in high needs areas.


Jodo Gyan is a non-funded, not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 1998 that works to reform classroom practices through innovations in science and mathematics education.

National Center for Teacher Residencies

National Center for Teacher Residencies, USA, is a not-for-profit organisation that develops, innovates and scales teacher residency programmes to transform teacher preparation and improve outcomes for high need students.

T.Ed. Plus

Core Academic Faculty

Smriti Jain

Smriti has been a teacher for over two decades and worked extensively on developing a project-based learning curriculum while working on instructional coaching. Smriti has a Masters in Learning, Teaching and Instructional Leadership from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University.

Dr. Tapaswini Sahu

Tapaswini has been involved with several school reform projects focusing on curriculum planning and implementation, professional development of teachers, assessment and evaluation of children and led the project for developing the “National Education Framework” for Bhutan. Tapaswini has a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and an M.Phil in Education from Cambridge University.

Ms. Sameera Sood

Sameera has a Masters in Child Development from SNDT University, Mumbai and has worked as a teacher, teacher-educator and curriculum developer. She has anchored instructional design and curriculum development projects for leading Indian and international organizations including Xseed, Bharti Foundation, Tata Classedge and Bridge International Academy.

Dr. Rachna Shah

Rachna holds an EdD in Education from Johns Hopkins University, USA, a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University, Mumbai and a Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology. She has worked as a psychologist and counselor in various clinical set-ups. She later worked as a Language Programme Coordinator and Outreach Programme Manager at The Gateway School of Mumbai. She has also worked as an Instructional Coach at The Bombay International School to assist teachers in developing, testing, and implementing research-based instructional strategies.

Jayanthi Sundaram Nayak

Jayanthi has a background in science, environmental education and classical music and over 20 years’ experience as a mentor and teacher educator. She has designed and implemented teacher professional development, girl child education, leadership and curriculum development modules for government projects.

Sheetal Paul

Sheetal started her professional journey as a primary school teacher in an Alternative Education Programme called Digantar (Jaipur). She has a Master of Arts Degree in Education from Azim Premji University. She is a published Children's Literature Author and has eight titles published in Hindi and English. She enjoys writing for and with children in the primary grades. Previously, at The Teacher App, she created content for professional development of teachers as an Academic Specialist in Language Education.

Nidhi Kejriwal

Nidhi has worked for close to 15 years in the field of education before which she was pursuing a career in architecture. During her time as an educator, apart from working with children, she has mentored several new teachers and also worked as a part of the Instructional Leadership team at Heritage Experiential Learning School. She has a B.Ed and a Masters Degree in English. As an educator she believes in treating children as equals who have a voice in all matters including what and how they want to learn.

Madhavi Mehra

A constant learner and a professional in education, Madhavi has a combined experience of approximately 18 years. Aside from teaching Social Studies and English, she has created processes and products related to pedagogy, social-emotional safety (SES) and social-emotional learning (SEL). She is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM), Miranda House (Delhi University), and The Lawrence School, Sanawar.

Manit Jain

Manit, an Alumnus of Harvard University and Co-chair of FICCI’s School Education Committee – FICCI Arise, has been actively involved with Heritage Xperiential Learning Schools in an advisory capacity on several strategic issues including infrastructure development, curriculum design, teacher capability development, parent engagement, and standard operational procedures. He has personally championed and led several change initiatives to transform the school into an experiential learning school. He is also the co-founder of I Am A Teacher.
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